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Dakota is 6 years old (well she will be on June 29th and keeps telling me she is pretty much 6! lol)We live in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Dakota has had no surgeries to date but is scheduled to have a muscle transfer in her shoulder on July 5th. She only does formal therapy every few months but we regularily do rom's with her at home. She also likes to stretch her own arm some days she says it needs a stretch and she walks her fingers up the wall until it is fully stretched up.
Mom: Tanya age: 31
Sister: Kenzie age: 3
Mom says: One of the keys to Dakota functioning so well I think is that I have never let her say she can't do something. There are times when she hasn't been able to do something but it has never ever been from lack of trying. She thinks of her arm as being different from others.. but not "bad". I have always tried to instill in her that life is what you make of it... and she has pretty much learned that already. She tries her best at anything and doesn't use her arm as an excuse not to do anything.
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