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        Sisters of the Golden Moon

        Here are the gifts that my sisters have given me, click on there gift to be taken to there sites.

        This one is from Lipstick, one of our Founders

        Acinny is the Galaxy Star of Unity Constellation

        Lady J is the Galaxy Star of Membership

        Sheryl is one of the sweetest women I have ever met, this one is from her:

        Tearose was so sweet to send this gift

        Miracle & I helped Lipstick put together a Scavenger Hunt for the members of SGM and she made this to thank us...isn't it beautiful?

        Monique one of our newer members and such a sweetie, made this for me

        Monique... really is a wonderful person, she sent me this too:

        The Site Fights Spirit Flowers
        Send a Spirit Flower!

        Pandora sent me this beautiful gift! Isn't it great?

        Thanks so much for this beautiful gift, Scarlett

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        (BTW- if you do join SGM, Reception Constellation is a great place to be!! LOL)