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        Sisters of the Golden Moon is a wonderful group of women who have joined together to form a Sisterhood. They are warm, empathetic and most of all fun to be with. I have never met a more wonderful group of women and am proud to be one of them.

        If you would like to find out more about them please go here. You can read there Covenant and find out if it is a group you would be interested in joining.

        I am lucky enough to be the Golden Persona in charge of the Guiding Stars Team, which is a mentor program for all the new stars. It is such a great way to meet at the new members and get to know some of the ladies who have been around awhile too.

        Well, now I am truly lucky, Lady RedRose & Lipstick are the two founders of SGM and they have made me Co-Galaxy Star of Reception with a wonderful lady named Miracle. I couldn't have asked for a better partner, she is about as kind as a person could be. I know we will do wonderful things together, it seems the more we talk the more we find we have in common... it is almost getting spooky!

        Well we had our first little tiff but Lipstick was so happy we aren't fighting anymore she made this for us..LOL!!:

        Hard to believe that it has been 6 month already!

        Miracle has dedicated this
        "Love pot"
        to Tanya

        Send someone a Love Pot
        ©Dorthé Bergh

        Thanks so much Miracle! You are a sweetie! :)

        I made these for all my sisters
        please take one or both of them and put them on your pages.

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        I have received from my sisters

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