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Kierston's Story

Like many other stories, Kierston was also injured at birth and suffered Shoulder Dystocia. During delivery, her shoulder was stuck on my pelvic bone and now she has Brachial Plexus Injury, Middle Trunk Injury (c7 Avulsion). Kierston was a large (Macrosomia 9lb 3ozs) baby and I failed my first glucose test, which indicated that the baby was getting all my sugar. I had gained 47 lb. and I was worried that the baby might be too big. When I asked for C-section, I was told that it was only done in an emergency. I had an epidural, but it had to be taken off in order for me to push and the Vacuum Extractor was used to pull the baby down and to pull the body out. All the maneuvers needed to be done to deliver a shoulder dystocia baby was not performed. Far as I know, McRobert’s Manuever was not performed correctly, delivery of posterior arm was not performed, shoulder rotation was not even thought of. Midwives talk about All-fours maneuver called the Gaskins Manuever which was definitely not considered. All of these maneuvers and techniques were not used to delivered my baby and the OB’s main concern was not to break the baby’s clavicle. I wish he had broken the baby’s clavicle because they all grow back. After the baby’s head was out, two nurses literally jumped on my belly, performing fundal pressure which injured the baby more. I guess only panic played a major role in this case.

We pursued litigation for many reasons, but mainly we wanted the OB to know that it is not O.K. to hurt a baby and walk away. He has injured one baby and I refused to let him do it anymore. After the litigation was over, he had told his attorney to tell me that he had felt bad about Kierston. I want him to learn that there are other maneuvers to deliver a shoulder dystocia baby and when a mother speaks, please listen.

Kierston’s had three surgeries, Nerve Graft, Nerve Transfer and Mod Quad with Pectoral Release. Kierston’s story made the front page of San Diego Union-Tribune on January 4, 1999 and I had over 50 calls from families affected by BPI and expecting parents. Since then, Kierston’s been on local channel 8 news and two articles have been written about her in the local Carmel Valley/Del Mar paper. I am also involved in educating Childbirth Educators and doulas. I am all about promoting awarenss and shouting out “NO MORE INJURED BABIES”.

Connie Cannon
2658 Del Mar Heights Rd., PMB 245
Del Mar, CA 92014

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